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Dead Kindle – Part 2

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Last week after the death of my kindle (Part 1) I ended up ringing amazon’s customer service (more accurately entered my phone number on a form online and got an phone call from them instantly) to see what they could do about my dead kindle. After describing my kindle and what I had done to troubleshoot it I was told there was nothing that they could do since it was out of warranty however I was offered a new kindle at a discounted price (about 15% off). After contemplating this for a day or (and playing around with dick simith’s display models) so I got amazon to call me and put an order though for a new kindle touch 3g. So while I wait it to arrive what better thing to do then take apart my broken kindle.

upon observation I have a idea why my kindle isn’t working…

through a small hole I see what looks like a small crack in the eink display, disassembling further…

and that small crack is actually a large crack. Somehow between the travel to and from university my kindle has been bumped too hard and the eink display has broken.


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