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Printing food at home?

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3D printers have started to get to the stage of been more affordable over the years, especially with printers like the reprap and makerbot. These are already great for rapid prototyping and printing parts but what happens when you start pushing the limits of these machines?

Meet the Imagine 3D Printer which instead of printing out hot plastic, prints food.

Normal 3D printer work my pushing plastic through a hot nozzle onto a platform to form a layer of the desired object then printing consecutive layers ontop of each other to form a 3D object. Replace the plastic with any soft kind of food and the nozzle with a syringe any you pretty much have the Imagine 3D Printer. Here are some examples of what is is capable of:

It’s a good concept however it’s a long way off been ready for example I’m still not exactly sure what the prints shown above are meant to represent, I’m assuming the first is a box but the other is anyones guess. Anyway I’ll let you guess decide if it’s worth the $1,995 price tag.

[Product Page] via [Oh Gizmo]


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