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Im currently enjoying my one week of holidays at the moment so I thought I’d take this time to let you know what I’ve been doing and some things I am currently planning. Lets start with projects I’m working on.

Last week I finished building a heart rate monitor which I now have to write a report. The heart rate monitor works by shining a light into you finger and recording the light coming back. We do some filtering and amplification of the returning signal to retrieve the heart rate of a person. So one project this holidays is to make a few more heart rate monitors to give to friends etc that are interested oh and write a report and blog post about how it operates.

The second electronic project I have started on is making a neurophone which is a device to supposively transmits sound to your ears using the central nervous system. I’m a little skeptical that it will work however once I get in a piezo transducer ill soon find out so at the moment I’ve done as much as I can to finish the project and need an electronic parts order to come in. *sigh*

The last project I’ll be working on is creating a air quality tester. I had the idea to make this for about a month now and the idea has been shaped, researched and refined during that time. The general idea is to create a circuit that will log a GPS coordinate and the corresponding air quality characteristics onto a sd card that can then be look at later. I can then attach this unit to my bike and ride around and find is the air quality of the gold coast changes much as I go to more populated areas. Again I’m waiting for some parts to come in but i will get a head start designing the circuit diagram.

Apart from these projects I have a ton of uni work to complete, a couple of books that I want to read and of course blogging. I’ll keep you posted with how I’m going.


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