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Coursera – a free online university.


I thought I’d quickly share something I came across a few weeks ago. Coursera is a free online university that offeres various university quality courses online for free. Each course has about 2+ hours of video lectures per week with weekly quizes and a few assignments. So far I’ve been enjoying the courses I’ve enrolled in however I won’t be planning to finish then by the course end date due because I don’t have enough time and I’m already studying. So if you have some spare time it’s worth a look.



2 thoughts on “Coursera – a free online university.

  1. yeah, i’ve heard of free online unis before. there’s also this one: http://www.open.edu.au/
    not sure of the quality of its courses, etc. but it’s there.

    • Thanks, it looks like for most of the courses there you have to pay for. Personally I find the courses on coursera far more interesting, for example I’m currently enrolled in Cryptography, Human-Computer Interaction, Introduction to Logic, Probabilistic Graphical Models and Greek and Roman Mythology plus a whole lot more that are yet to start.

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