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19hertz just passed 1000 all-time views!! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging off and on for over four months now. To celebrate I decided to upload the full image of my banner. It was taken a while back when some friends and myself decided to go lightpainting down at fingal heads, Australia. Feel free to download the picture and use it a desktop background.


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The weight of an engineering degree

As I’ve mentioned before I currently am studying electrical (and electronic) engineering. And today makes the completion of three years of study. So I was looking at my stack of notes and a though came to mind, who much does all my work weigh?

So out came the scales, First lets look at my textbooks for each semester.

Semester 1 Textbooks – 3.5kg

Semester 2 Textbooks – 4.6kg

and finally two semesters of reports and assignments.

Reports and Assignments – 4kg

So there we go 3.5kg + 4.6kg + 4kg = 12.1kg of work and textbooks for this year of university. Now that I’m on holidays (kinda) I plan to post more content on a regular basis (bi-weekly) including the development of a few projects I’m working on.