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New Year Resolutions

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It’s probably a bit late for this but I thought I’d share my new years resolutions for this year. here they are.

  • Eat more healthily 
  • Read though the whole Bible again
  • Do something creative each week (photography/timelape, wood working etc..)

I am also going to try an Idea I mentioned before from the internet. Below is a list of 52 things I’d like to do over the year. Each week I am going to pick a random one and do it. So I didn’t have to write each on on individual card I’m using a deck of cards and have mapped each to a card i.e. 1 to 13 = 2♥ to A♥, 14 to 26 = 2♣ to A♣, 27 to 39 = 2♦ to A♦ and finally 40 to 52 = 2♠ to A♠. If you like any of these ideas in particular feel free to go try them 🙂

1. Watch clouds go by
2. Give blood
3. Update my top 10 online accounts with more secure passwords.
4. Finish reading a book
5. Climb a tree.
6. Take an I.Q. test.
7. Update my “bucket list.”
8. Build something out of wood.
9. Create a budget
10. Go for a bike ride to bureigh
11. Clean my room
12. Finish an electronic project
13. Learn to make a wrap
14. Do a time lapse
15. Blow bubbles and photograph
16. Play an instrument
17. Play a board game
18. Cook an apple pie
19. Organise my files
20. Write a extra blog post
21. Design am Eco house
22. Go lightpainting
23. Go for a random drive
24. Buy something using a drive through
25. Bake chocolate brownies
26. Clean up someone else’s rubbish
27. Watch a mid- night movie release
28. Look at pond water under microscope
29. Go see some glow worms
30. Launch a water rocket
31. Climb a mountain
32. Make some origami
33. Diet coke and mentos
33. Wash, vacum and fill up tyres of car
34. Go fishing off a pier
35. Feed ducks at a local park
36. Go on a picnic
37. Invite someone to go geochaching
38. Make an infographic
39. Plant a herb/veggie patch
40. Look up lyrics to songs
41. Make a sundial
42. Make homemade ice cream
43. Learn how to make lychee iced tea
44. Go have a coffee
45. Spend time with a friend
46. Write a script for a short film
47. Go for a run at the beach
48. Take a photo of legos
49. Rent and watch a movie
50. Make a recipe book
51. Cook my family breakfast
52. Go for a swim


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