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Q1 Night Time Timelapse

Currently Q1 has been one of my favourite places to photography recently, at 230m above sea level it provides an unique view of the gold coast and surrounding hinterland. Last night I went up and did a timelapse of the city traffic over a half hour period resulting in this,

For those interested each photo was 10 seconds long at f5.6, ISO100 taken at 12 second intervals. Here is all the photos stacked together,

Stacked Gold Coast Traffic

There is a little bit of reflection from the pane of glass I was shooting through (bottom left hand corner) however i’m reasonably happy with how this one turned out. Next time I think i’d like to try a smaller interval time (1, 3, 5 seconds) to see how that affects the movement of the cars.

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0.999… = 1

AĀ recurringĀ argument with one of my friends and myself is about a mathematical truth namely that 0.999… = 1. It’s an interesting concept which took me a while to grasp. To convince yourself have a look at these two proofs,

Proof 1 – Fraction Proof

1/9 = 0.111…

Multiplying both sides by 9,

9*(1/9) = 9*0.111…

9/9 = 0.999

1 = 0.999

Proof 2 – Algebra Proof

x = 0.999…

10x = 9.999…

subtracting x from both sides

10x – x = 9.999… – 0.999

9x = 9

x = 1

For more proofs check out the wikipedia entry.

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Trip to Yelarbon

Last weekend one I had the pleasure of visiting Yelarbon, Queensland once again to celebrate a friends 21st birthday (Hi Scott if your reading). The weekend was spent shooting clay pigeons, playing games, damper, spending time with friends, bonfires and doing some photography/timelapses. Over the next few days as I process all 32 Gb of files I’ll post up some photos and videos here on 19 hertz. Below is an image stack of frames from the second timelapse I took.