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7 Eleven Bottomless Cup Day 2013

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Last year I wrote about 7 Eleven’s BYO cup day and what the maximum amount of slurpee you could expect to get for your purchase.  Well this year 7 Eleven is having another one day promotion where you can purchase a large cup of slurpee and refill it throughout the day for free. So I thought I’d go about calculating how again the maximum amount of slurpee you could expect to get. The way I was going to calculate this is to make an estimate on the amount of time it would take you to fill, pay and consume a slurpee, however I realised that that would have too many variables and would be pretty hard to calculate for an ‘average person’. So Instead I decided to take the same approach I used previously to calculate how much chocolate it would take to kill you. So pretty much this article won’t calculate the maximum amount of slurpee you could get but the maximum amount you would “want to get”?

“All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.” – Paracelsus

Anyhow lets go,

So while we don’t actually have toxicity levels of water for humans, we do for rats which is what we shall be working off. So from water’s MSDS we find that water has a LD50 of 90ml/kg in rats, thus for an average human

90ml*70kg = 6.3 litres

Now considering the large cup size is 650ml,

6.3/0.65 = 9.69 large cups.

So there you go, anymore the about 9 cups could potentially be deadly, these calculations are very rough (any possible wrong) and do not take into account individual physiologies etc…

TLDR: Don’t drink more than 9 large cups of slurpee in one sitting.

**This article should not constitute as medical advice, use the information within at your own peril etc…**

As a bonus I thought I’d try creating a timelapse of me working on something namely this post.


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