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Tweed Heads ‘Frog Beach’

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Tweed Heads is one of the places I have always had fond memories of. As a child my family used to holiday down there once a year which was typically spend swimming, kite flying, reading, playing board games and going for walks just before or after dinner. Of the beaches there are three main ones: Duranbah Beach, Rainbow Bay/Snapper Rocks and what my family called ‘Frog Beach’ due to the large green rock painted like a frog. So one Sunday I realised how long it had been since I had been there and went for a drive to do have lunch down there, create a timelapse and read. This timelapse was a bit of an experiment. I used my Hoya ND400 to decrease the amount of light coming into my camera to about 1/500 of the original light which allowed me to get exposures of around 2 seconds in broad daylight (when stopped down to f8) This means that the waves, people and clouds are blurred according to how much they move and as far the the final timelapse is concerned things look and transition a lot smoother. So after some level adjustments and editing here is the final timelapse.


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