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Thoughts on Releasing Timelapse’s

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I’ve been making timelapses for some time now and something I’ve always been a bit torn over is do I release timelapses one at a time as I create them or should I save them up and make a compilation video. One part of me wants to share immediately the finished video as soon as it is finished while the other part of me wants to create a larger video that showcases the work over a period of time. After contemplating this for some time I have come to have the opinion of creating larger compilations for the following reasons.

More interesting for viewer: Timelapses typically are very short ranging from 5 to 30 seconds, unfortunately short (albeit hopefully impressive) videos just don’t tend to capture ones attention very long. Sure it’s nice to be able to immediately show friends what you have worked on for the past hour however that saving them for a compilation is a far better option from this point alone.

Appropriate length for music: A typical song goes for around 3-4 minutes which just so happens to be the length of short timelapse compilations. Matching timelapse sequences with music also had the added benefit to add more emotion to video and to an extent add further context to each sequence.

Display and contrast different techniques: Rather than just display one technique you have been working on longer compilations allow you to display a whole range of techniques and how you have improved over time.

Although longer compilations have a lot going for them I still have one particular issue with them, namely how to group sequences to make a compilation or in other words what the compilation is about. Just from browsing around the web popular approaches are grouping them around a geological location for example a state or city. This can work well however I’m uncertain how you’d go about creating additional complilation around the sumject matter. Would improved techniques be enough to showcase another complilation? I’m not sure. Another popular grouping is around an event, which makes sense however personally working alone I tend to just not get enough footage to create a longer video of the types of event I’d timelapse.

So I feel I’ve finially reached a conclusion on how I am going to now use the timelapses I’ve been working on, however not how to compile them. If you have any thought I’d love to hear them.


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