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M42 Orion Nebula

A recent interest of mine has been post-processing Hubble Legacy data. The Hubble Space Telescope takes pictures of galaxy, nebulas etc through different filters of varying wavelength that then can be reprocessed into a colour or faux-colour image of the object of interest. Here is M42 (Orion Nebula) I processed a few nights ago.


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Curtis Falls Part 2

A few weeks ago I mentioned I went for a trip to go see Curtis Falls and was going to edit a video of the location. And after a bit of editing with Adobe Premier and After Effects here it is:

Curtis Falls from David Heath on Vimeo.

A big thankyou goes out to Peter Gardner who wrote the music for this video which added a whole lot of production value to it.

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Total Lunar Eclipse 2014

From the weather changing from clear to cloudy to very cloudy and to clear one again I was very fortunate to have a fantastic clear sky for tonights total lunar eclipse.

Beautiful clear sky!!

Beautiful clear sky!!

The eclipse started at 5:08pm local time just before moonrise at 5:28pm with the eclipse occurring at 5:46pm. After finding a location to shoot at I tried taking a series of shots to compile into a photo and a few others around the area. Enjoy!



Lunar Eclipse Comilation

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New Computer

This weekend I fulfilled a four year long dream of mine, that is building my own personal computer from the ground up. After two hours of work I finished building the system which I’m going to call ‘Orion’ named after one of my favourite star constellations. Orion is going to be my new work horse for photo and video editing which I’m sure you’ll get to see within the coming months.


Here is a rough list of specifications:
-Intel i5 3.4Ghz Processor
-16G DDR3 ram
-125 SSD
-750W Power Supply
-Blueray drive

I’m still yet to get a few of the remaining parts (read more storage and graphics card) for the build however it’s up to a state I can start installing programs and configuring the system.