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Cold Brew Coffee

Sometimes with the routine of waking up at 6 am for work each day I turn to caffeine to  boot up my brain. My caffeinated beverage of choice for the mornings happens to be cold brew coffee because it can be prepared well beforehand, is relatively cheap and is very tasty. Cold brew coffee is something I have been playing around with for a while now and while is some sense I’m still experimenting with new things I thought I’d share my current go to recipe.

Cold Brew 1

Making cold brew is pretty straightforward process: grind, combine, steep, filter, serve and enjoy!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 70g coffee beans
  • 500g water
  • grinder (I use a porlex mini hand grinder, but a blade grinder will work just fine)
  • filtering apparatus (I use a v60 filter however anything from a strainer to a piece of cloth should work)
  • 60g simple syrup
  • milk

The process

  1. Grind the 70g of coffee until course, for me on the porlex grinder I use around 12 clicks (if you own one you will know what I’m talking about)
  2. Combine the grounds with 500g of water and stir until the grounds are distributed through the water
  3. Steep the coffee for 12h
  4. Filter the coffee (I use a v60 filter which works well for me but there are so many other options that will work)


After you finish filtering it you should have around 350g of coffee concentrate (~70% yield), to this I generally add ~60g of simple syrup (30g sugar + 30g water) to sweeten the concentrate then store it in the fridge until I’m after a coffee.

When you inevitably need a caffeine hit simply make up a coffee at a 1:2 ratio of concentrate to water/milk, add ice and enjoy.

Cold Brew 2


Book Review: The Martian

The Martian


I first heard about this book via Adam Savage while he was a guest on Dr Karl’s science hour on Triple J and instantly knew I had to read it. The book is written by Andy Weir whom originally self published the novel 2012 prior to the rights been bought from him by Crown Publishing in 2014 whom republished the book with new (more awesome) cover art as shown above. It also happens to be getting adapted to be released next year staring Matt Damon directed by Riley Scott.

The novel follows astronaut Mark Watney whom is left stranded on Mars after his crew presume him dead while evacuating the planet during a sever dust storm. Watney then has to find ways to complete what he calls “the Mark Watney doesn’t die project”. Starting with the major food problems related with surviving the length of time until the next manned mission to Mars to the problem of having a spa bath in space Watney find both interesting an novel solutions to each problem he encounters.

The book is written (for the most part) as a series of log that Watney records on his personal computer in the hope that one day someone will find them and read them. Normally this would be a terrible way to write an novel however in this case it works really well since it exemplifies his desolation and remoteness to the rest of humanity. However what is really most impressive to me about this book however is that the author Andy weir has done a lot of research and everything that happens in the book is technically plausible. Knowing this as you read further into the book the more blown away you get with the amount of thought and detail Andy has put into writing it. While the genre of the book is a thriller it’s not driven by the building up of tension but rather humor. To this end the book is riddled with various jokes like Watney realising how to be legally classed as a space pirate, to musings of how Aquaman can control whales (yeah upon reflection I don’t think any of the jokes made in the book I can reflect the hilarity and genius of them here fully).

Overall this book is a fantastic read and is my favourite book of the year. To put that in context I’ve read a little more than 35 book so far this year and counting (The by product of taking the train to work) and this book make the top of the list by far.

The Martian - 2

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GIF Loops

In general like most people I can appreciate a well made looped gif like this:

Pop tart anyone?

However artist Julien Douvier takes looped gifs one step further by freezing and masking areas of the frame giving the gif a stylised artistic and in some cases surreal  look.

In particular I love the effect when a subject is frozen in space as the environment around it changes

If you are interested in more of his work you can find it either on his tumblr or facebook page and if you want to see more perfectly looked gifs check out the subreddit /r/perfectloops.

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End of Silence

Things have been pretty quite around here as of late which really isn’t reflective of how things are currently going in my offline life. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve attended various events, started a few projects and gotten to play around with some fun toys however none of this has translated from my experiences to this blog. So I’ve been thinking about blogging and and decided that I’d like to continue doing it on a more regular and consistent basis.

So moving forward I have a few goals for 19 hertz:

Regular posts
I’m looking to post around 2-3 times per week; this may vary week to week but that’s at least the ideal.
More OC (Original Content)
I’m a big fan of people whom make original content rather than just reposting other peoples work. While I do still want to showcase things I find interesting on the internet I’d like to shift my focus more to generating original content for this blog.
Project updates
I have a reasonable list of both short term and long term projects I’d like to be working on which I plan to do regular updates on.
Link dumps
Rather then just reposting every interesting link (really you should see how many internet tabs I have open, currently it’s around 80 or so…) I come across as they come up I’d like to try posting a monthly ‘link dump’ which encompasses a variety of links I’ve found interesting and informative however haven’t individually posted.
I love pictures, hence I plan for each post herein to have one. Simple.

Most immediately I’ve just finished a few books that I’d like to make a note of and review and have a few continuing projects to share. At any rate I’m looking forward to see how it all goes. If you want to keep updated with what is going on here the two easiest ways are either subscribing to the RSS feed or liking 19hertz on facebook both of which you can find links, buttons and the like over there somewhere → (I think?, aright it’s more like ↑  then → wait! wordpress doesn’t doesn’t have a diagonal symbol? but surely… ↗ Yes! Success! Score 1 for unicode)


ps. here is a sneak peak of a coming post