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End of Silence

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Things have been pretty quite around here as of late which really isn’t reflective of how things are currently going in my offline life. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve attended various events, started a few projects and gotten to play around with some fun toys however none of this has translated from my experiences to this blog. So I’ve been thinking about blogging and and decided that I’d like to continue doing it on a more regular and consistent basis.

So moving forward I have a few goals for 19 hertz:

Regular posts
I’m looking to post around 2-3 times per week; this may vary week to week but that’s at least the ideal.
More OC (Original Content)
I’m a big fan of people whom make original content rather than just reposting other peoples work. While I do still want to showcase things I find interesting on the internet I’d like to shift my focus more to generating original content for this blog.
Project updates
I have a reasonable list of both short term and long term projects I’d like to be working on which I plan to do regular updates on.
Link dumps
Rather then just reposting every interesting link (really you should see how many internet tabs I have open, currently it’s around 80 or so…) I come across as they come up I’d like to try posting a monthly ‘link dump’ which encompasses a variety of links I’ve found interesting and informative however haven’t individually posted.
I love pictures, hence I plan for each post herein to have one. Simple.

Most immediately I’ve just finished a few books that I’d like to make a note of and review and have a few continuing projects to share. At any rate I’m looking forward to see how it all goes. If you want to keep updated with what is going on here the two easiest ways are either subscribing to the RSS feed or liking 19hertz on facebook both of which you can find links, buttons and the like over there somewhere → (I think?, aright it’s more like ↑  then → wait! wordpress doesn’t doesn’t have a diagonal symbol? but surely… ↗ Yes! Success! Score 1 for unicode)


ps. here is a sneak peak of a coming post


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