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Cold Brew Coffee

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Sometimes with the routine of waking up at 6 am for work each day I turn to caffeine to  boot up my brain. My caffeinated beverage of choice for the mornings happens to be cold brew coffee because it can be prepared well beforehand, is relatively cheap and is very tasty. Cold brew coffee is something I have been playing around with for a while now and while is some sense I’m still experimenting with new things I thought I’d share my current go to recipe.

Cold Brew 1

Making cold brew is pretty straightforward process: grind, combine, steep, filter, serve and enjoy!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 70g coffee beans
  • 500g water
  • grinder (I use a porlex mini hand grinder, but a blade grinder will work just fine)
  • filtering apparatus (I use a v60 filter however anything from a strainer to a piece of cloth should work)
  • 60g simple syrup
  • milk

The process

  1. Grind the 70g of coffee until course, for me on the porlex grinder I use around 12 clicks (if you own one you will know what I’m talking about)
  2. Combine the grounds with 500g of water and stir until the grounds are distributed through the water
  3. Steep the coffee for 12h
  4. Filter the coffee (I use a v60 filter which works well for me but there are so many other options that will work)


After you finish filtering it you should have around 350g of coffee concentrate (~70% yield), to this I generally add ~60g of simple syrup (30g sugar + 30g water) to sweeten the concentrate then store it in the fridge until I’m after a coffee.

When you inevitably need a caffeine hit simply make up a coffee at a 1:2 ratio of concentrate to water/milk, add ice and enjoy.

Cold Brew 2


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