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Great Ocean Road Day 1: Departure

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Well today started with me waking up at 3am, unfortunately I didn’t need to be awake til 4am. After getting ready we headed off to the airport to catch our 6am flight to Melbourne where I had just enough time to indulge in an espresso at one of the terminal cafes.


Two more hours off plane travel and we arrived in Melbourne.

As we started traveling to Geelong where we are staying for the night the first thing that really stood out to me was how flat everything is. I mean everywhere you look there isn’t a hill in sight and the CBD is almost always in view. The second thing that I noticed is how incredible hot it is down here. I presumed that since we where traveling further south it’d be cooler but boy was I wrong with the mercury floating around 30°C. Regardless Geelong as a city looks really nice with a whole lot of classic building littered throughout and I have no doubt we will enjoy exploring it more this afternoon.


One thought on “Great Ocean Road Day 1: Departure

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