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Great Ocean Road Day 9 : Home Again

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The only thing on list of stuff to do today was to visit the Queen Victoria Markets so soon after breakfast and packing our bags my sister and myself started the walk through the Melbourne rain to have a look. Honestly there were a few interesting things at the markets but the majority of the things been sold were of no interest to me.

So after the markets I went again to the Sensory Lab Cafe and had a cappuccino.


Upon learning that the Sensory Lab had a second store close by that offered a more diverse range of coffee within 15 minutes I was enjoying my first siphon coffee (which is pretty similar to pour over coffee for the record).




My sister had their cold drip which a also had a small taste of.


After my morning coffee adventure I then had lunch out with my family at Supdbar where I had their home style bolognese spud (potato topped with bolognese sauce, sour cream, carrot, peas and corn).


Then another coffee with my dad at you guessed it, the Sensory Lab. Filter this time for me.


Unfortunately that concluded the interesting part of my day with the remained spent traveling the the airport and going home.

Overall I really enjoyed the trip and got to see a great variety of what Victoria has to offer.


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