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From the Vault: Hobbiton 2014

Last year while in New Zealand I was fortunate enough to visit the Hobbiton film set from the Lord of the Rings  and Hobbit movies. Having been a big fan of both the Lord of the Rings books and movies actually getting to see the set and walk around was a dream come true. Once I started to walk around the hobbit holes I was blown away by the amount of detail that had been put into mini city, there were vegetable gardens, flyers, window ornaments and gathered produce everywhere. It really felt like you had just walked into middle earth. While on the tour it was fun to hear a lot of interesting trivia about the set and the filming of the lord of the rings. It turns out Peter Jackson has a lot of influence with the New Zealand government and managed to get a bill passed through parliament that declared a no-fly zone around the set so while filming there was no change of having a plane appear in the cut. He also did things like buy a brewery and get them to make a low alcohol beer so during scenes that the actors are drinking they could actually enjoy beer without getting tipsy (the brewery now makes beverages exclusively for the Green Dragon Inn which the the last place you visit on the tour. Overall visiting Hobbiton was an incredible experience and I had alot of fun taking photos around the set.


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Cedar Creek Falls 2014

Last week we had a good amount of rain for a day or so which prompted a few friends and myself to head off to Cedar Creek Falls to so some photography. I’ve intended to go and visit this location for a while now however never got around to it, but having been there now i’ll definitely make a return journey someday with my slider in tow. While the day was a little overcast and the location that we were shooting had very little space (which on of my friends referred to as a creative challenge) It was a really fantastic time to relax and enjoy taking some pictures not to mention catchup with a few mates.

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The Detachment Podcast

I’d like to make a little note that some of my friends are starting a podcast project that I think is going to be pretty cool.

It’s called The Detachment Podcast and is going to be a podcast discussing various topics that as they put it “detach us from life and fill the void of boredom or procrastination in our daily lives”. It’s been cool to see this go from a “hey we should totally make a podcast” idea to a fully fledged well scoped project with momentum to come to fruition. At the moment they have got together all the gear they require for high quality audio podcasting (Yeah I’ve heard it, so good!) and are looking to crowdfunding to cover the webhosting costs for a year of podcasts. If you’re interested to learn more about their campaign or to contribute please check out their project page here.

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Happy New Year 2015

Firstly, Happy New Year! 2014 is now behind us and 2015 beacons with untold possibilities.

Like many I like to take stock of the year gone by and envision what I’d like to be able to achieve the in the following year (and in this case a few years ahead as well). In light of that there are a few I’ve been planning over the past few weeks for 19hertz and I think it is time to share some of them.

  • From the Vault: It occurs to me that I  have a lot of photos hidden away on my computer that nearly nobody has seen so this year I’m going to be opening the vault so to say and sharing some of these photos.
  • Projects: I have a list of projects I’d like to work on and share over the next year, these range from electronic design projects like designing an intervalometer or air quality monitor to making wooden locks or experiments with nitinol, gallium and bysmuth crystals. I plan to set aside some weekends to work on these.
  • Blog Series: I’d also like to start a few multi-post blog series of various topics. I’ve not yet decided which topica I’ll address however I currently have a few under consideration for example logical fallacies and epistemology, science behind coffee making and modernist cuisine.
  • Book Reviews: Last year I read around 35-40 books, and on 19hertz I reviewed one. Again this year I have a large reading list of around 50 books or so. I’ll see how I go getting throught them all but I’d like to review a few more around the way.

So that’s pretty much it for the most part, I have a few other ideas for some one off posts but I’ll leave those as a surprise for now. I had intended to post this yesterday, however I ended up doing something particularly noteworthy to celebrate the new year which I thought I’d also share in this post.

Waking up a bit before 3am a few friends and myself traveled down to Hasting Point in northern New South Wales with the intention to see the sunrise. The only problem with this plan was there was a thunderstorm covering whole coastline from Southport to Yamba. Regardless we pressed ahead and thankfully by the time we arrived the thunderstorm had just head off the coast to sea. This provided a very impressive lightning display that we had the opportunity to photograph not to mention a phenomenal sunrise (to spite not been able to actually see the sun). Awesome!

After sunrise, we had breakfast (mmm… pancakes, bacon, eggs and croissants) went to Cabirata beach for a while then Lunch at Robina Town centre and board games in the afternoon at a friends place. All in all a day well spent.

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100 Posts

Well it has finally happened, 100 posts on 19 hertz, well 101 if you include this post. I feel very happy to think that this little idea to start a blog a few years ago is still going and I’m still enjoying working on it. To be perfectly honest this came up pretty unexpectedly and I didn’t have much time to prepare anything special so I guess I’ll celebrate by posting my favorite XKCD comic.

Purity | XKCD

I look forward to making another 100 posts 🙂 and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them. Also feel free to check out some of my favorite posts over the years: