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From the Vault: Hobbiton 2014

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Last year while in New Zealand I was fortunate enough to visit the Hobbiton film set from the Lord of the Rings  and Hobbit movies. Having been a big fan of both the Lord of the Rings books and movies actually getting to see the set and walk around was a dream come true. Once I started to walk around the hobbit holes I was blown away by the amount of detail that had been put into mini city, there were vegetable gardens, flyers, window ornaments and gathered produce everywhere. It really felt like you had just walked into middle earth. While on the tour it was fun to hear a lot of interesting trivia about the set and the filming of the lord of the rings. It turns out Peter Jackson has a lot of influence with the New Zealand government and managed to get a bill passed through parliament that declared a no-fly zone around the set so while filming there was no change of having a plane appear in the cut. He also did things like buy a brewery and get them to make a low alcohol beer so during scenes that the actors are drinking they could actually enjoy beer without getting tipsy (the brewery now makes beverages exclusively for the Green Dragon Inn which the the last place you visit on the tour. Overall visiting Hobbiton was an incredible experience and I had alot of fun taking photos around the set.



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