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Get Detached

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I mentioned a few weeks ago some of my friends were starting a new podcast and looking to crowd-fund the hosting costs of the venture. Well jump forward a few weeks to today and I’m happy to announce that that they have reached their funding goal and have created their first episode! The Detachment Podcast is now a thing.

Technically their first episode (ep1) is actually their second since they released a, lets call it, pre-series episode detailing what you should expect (ep0). Regardless I quite enjoyed listening to them both. I feel the hosts Patty and Sam have a really good synergy between them that works well on air and the addition or a rotating third chair will be beneficial to inject new ideas and opinions into the weekly conversation. I suppose also the Detachment Podcast by talking about things that they use to detach themselves from the mundane of life in turn helps and enables their listeners to do the same.

You can find their first and zeroth episodes on both ItunesSoundcoud and Libsyn and find out more about the podcast over at Facebook and on Twitter.

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