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Fox and Fiasco – In Recording

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Two weeks ago on a rainy Wednesday night I grabbed my camera and headed off to my old university to photograph my friends band, Fox and Fiasco as they were recording their new album (which is yet to be released as of yet but is in the pipeline!). To be honest I really like nights like this, there is something relaxing about taking photos of friends doing something that they are passionate about and getting to hear some previews of the songs there were recording was an added bonus. From a technical side of things the recording rooms were pretty poorly lit which led me to predominately use my trusty 50mm f1.8 shooting wide open with my ISO bumped up to 1600 this combination (plus stopping down a little) was thankfully enough for me to get shots without significant amounts of movement blur. I will say though that even thought the rooms were poorly lit I the down lights created some very dramatic lighting and shadows which I quite enjoyed.




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