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Japanese Confectionary Inbound

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I’ve been a fan of Japanese confectionary for quite some time now with my two favorites been Pocky and green tea KitKats. So when my sister decided to go on a holiday over to Japan recently I requested she keep a look out for interesting flavours during her trip and boy did she deliver.


Believe it or not these flavours are only a small portion of what each manufacturer has produced over the years, but they are still varied enough to be able to give you a good idea of the sort of unique tastes that come up in japanese confectionary.


Pocky is essentially a chocolate coated biscuit stick however as you can see there are many different variations on the chocolate part (and technically the biscuit). In no particular order my sister got me coconut, azuki bean, mint, almond, strawberry, sicilia lemon, milk chocolate, milk chocolate w/ pie pastry texture stick and salted chocolate.


On the KitKat side of things I have cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry, blueberry, passionfruit, raspberry, green tea, yuzu (a citrus fruit similar to grapefruit), chilli and wasabi flavours to try out.


Besides these there are a few other random item my sister picked up for me at a supermarket. More or less I have no idea what these things are (although I am familiar with some products meiji makes) but I’m looking forward to trying them all.

All told I have some very large stacks of confectionary sitting on my desk now which I am looking forward to trying* over the next few months. I’ll have to see if any new favorites come about 🙂 Many thanks to my awesome sister Mel for bring back such an awesome haul!

*ok maybe not the wasabi or chilli KitKats but I’m yet to cast final judgement on them just yet.


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