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Sanding Block for 3D Prints

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It’s been a busy week this week for me the apex of which been going down to Melbourne for a day (9.5 hours to be precise) for the ASIAL Security Exhibition and Conference. Unfortunately this mean that blogging got put on the wayside for the week but now it’s the weekend (well at the time of writing this) I thought I’d write a small post sharing something I made last weekend.


This guy is a small sanding block that I made for sanding down small 3d printed parts. I’ve been doing a bit of 3d printing as part of my day job in which I have been using a small sanding block similar to this to clean up parts. So I decided I’d take a rough sketch of it and make one for myself to use at home.

As far as building it went I pretty much made it us as i went along on my scroll saw for the main cuts then cleaned up the piece with some files and sandpaper before finally finishing it with linseed oil. It was a lot of fun to make and in the end I’m very happy with how it turned out.



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