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Sydney Trip: Day 1 – Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Having accumulated a reasonable amount of annual leave at work I decided it was about time to take some time off and go have a holiday. Normally I like to take holidays around public holidays to get a little extra mileage with my leave so noting that Brisbane had a public holiday on Wednesday for the Ekka and that Sydney Mini Maker Faire was on the following Saturday I decided to take some leave and head down to Sydney for 4 days with a day free at home either side of the trip to work on projects and relax.

So come Thursday (two weeks ago at the time of posting this) I flew down to Sydney for my 4 day mini adventure. After arriving in the city, dropping my bags off and having lunch and a coffee at a local cafe (one of 5 I visited during my trip) I felt it was time to do some exploring and photography. After a vague look at a map I headed off northwards towards the St Mary’s Cathedral then westwards towards the opera house via the botanical gardens and art museum.

It was somewhat unfortunate that in order to photography some of the points of interest along the way I had to shoot into the sun which messed about with the auto exposure and dynamic range of the shots. However I managed to fix the majority of the issues in post and came away with some photos I was happy with. Going another time though I’d definitely like to go out and photograph the opera house and bridge in the morning and at night.

To wrap up the day I visited a few shops in the city buying some board games to play back up at home, had dinner at a Japanese restaurant which served probably the best Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) I’ve had to date and finally went to a telescope viewing session  at Sydney Observatory. All in all a pretty good first day down in Sydney.

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Meta: Off to Sydney Maker Faire

I’m happy to announce that this week I’ll be holidays come Wednesday and be heading down to Sydney for the third Sydney Mini Maker Faire! Probably the best way I can describe a makerfair is that it is like a convention/expo for people that like to build stuff, whether that be R2D2’s, woodworking, 3d printing, robots and the like. I’ve always wanted to go to visit a makerfair since they started in the US (run by MAKE Magazine) and am super excited that i’m finially getting to go to one.

Besides the fair I’m also getting a bit of time to explore around Sydney for a few days which I plan on utilising on visiting the Maritime Museum, a bit of Photography, exploring some restaurants and a lot of coffee.

Looking forward to sharing photos from the trip soon.