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Sydney Trip: Day 2 – Maritime Museum

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So for Day 2 of my Sydney trip I headed off the the National Maritime Museum. Taking the advice of the security guard at the door I skipped the “exhibition/display section” of the museum and headed straight to the docks where there exist a few things: a destroyer, submarine, lighthouse and the endeavour. Awesome.

It wasn’t too long until I was looking at the front mounted artillery on the destroyer i.e. HMAS Vampire. I then wandered around the vessel for a while taking a look at the helm, crew quarters, artillery loading and engine room.

Accessed via the destroyer is the HAMS Onslow submarine which was by far my favourite vessel in the dock, In fact I went through it twice. The submarine has many interesting systems onboard but the one that really caught my attention was the emergency oxygen system. Located throughout the craft are numerous red canisters that contain mostly sodium chlorate with a few other elements which can be set in one of three chambers throughout the sub and used to generate oxygen through a chemical reaction.

Located on the dock is also a lighthouse with a great view of the dock and cityscape and also the Endeavour which I later took a tour though.

All in all I really enjoyed my time at the museum and would love to go back there in the future should the opportunity present itself.


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