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Sydney Trip: Day 4 – Powerhouse Museum

My final day in Sydney was spent for the most part back at the Powerhouse Museum going through the various exhibits on display and revisiting maker faire once again. Once I was finished with the powerhouse I headed up Sydney Tower Eye to have a final look at the city before catching my flight back home. Here are a selection of photos from the day.


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Sydney Trip: Day 3 – Makerfair

For my third day down in Sydney I was off to Makerfair held the fantastic Powerhouse Museum.


Been overly enthusiastic (and judging poorly how long it would take to walk there) I ended up at the museum a good 40 minutes before the doors open however the wait was well worth it.

Makerfair took over a side room of the museum and consisted of many tables where companies, maker/hackerspaces and people showcasing things they have made. The first table of which I bumped into was a local Sydney makerspace called Robots and Dinosaurs (awesome name by the way) which had among other things a custom Kerbal Space Program game controller. This project definitely set the the tone for what the rest of the show was going to be like.

Moving along there were many other interesting booths most noteworthy of which to me were Sydney Origami Inc. (which rekindles my interest in origami), Sydney Bio-foundry (where I got to try on an Oculus DK1, and talk to some really interesting people) and a maker who was demoing cold casting 3d prints.