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Build: Lego BB-8

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Ever since the first trailers for the new starwars movie I was very excited for the new droid BB-8. A little after joining the BB-8 Builders Club Facebook group (which is one of the best groups I’ve ever been a part of) member Henrik Lorentzen posted a really cool Lego BB-8 build to the group along with assembly instructions. 2 weeks later and 5 parcels from bricklink later this guy was then  sitting on my desk. 😀


Henrik also happens to have this model listed on Lego Ideas  so it has a chance of been made into an official kit which is really cool. Upon writing this small build up I also found out that a second revision of the kit has been released with a few extra bits to make the model posable. I might be up for another order of parts soon 😛


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