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2016 Update

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I had meant to write this update at say  the beginning of the year, then failing that at the beginning of the Chinese new year, and well too bad. Now it is. 😛

Looking back on last year I got to do some really cool stuff I’d been meaning to do like traveling to Sydney for Maker Fair, learning to 3d print stuff, and further exploring my hobbies and interests. However for all the stuff I blogged about there were at least three things I could have but didn’t and also some stuff I started but never finished.

So looking at this year I plan to more or less keep on going with the goals I set last year for this blog, that is: sharing work on projects, reviewing books, posting a few blog series and sharing photos I have squirreled away on my hard drives. In particular when it comes to projects I’m putting more emphasis on working them through to completion and reducing the already large pile I currently have on my plate. So far it’s going pretty well with a few out of the way which I’ll write up in the near future. I’m also wanting to put more time towards working on more electronic design projects as my professional work is currently geared to more mechanical work than electrical. I guess we shall see how the year pans out 🙂

I suppose this is also a good time to announce I’m off to Japan later this year. Come the last week of June my sister and myself are flying off to Narita then travelling around for 16 days visiting Hiroshima, Onomichi, Osaka, Kyoto, Kawaguchiko, Mt Fuji and Tokyo! I hope the trip goes all smoothly and I look forward to experiencing Japanese culture and scenery.


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