ramblings of an electronic engineer.


I keep a list of things I find interesting that would make good projects to work on, some are short weekend long projects like rewiring SNES gaming cartridges while other are of the long term nature like building a CubeSat this is that list. As I start to work on any given project I’ll generate a link to the post/page.

  • SatNOGS
  • Air quality monitor
  • LED RGB matrix display
  • Camera intervalometer
  • Slider movement controller
  • Lorentz attractor
  • Water bottle rocket
  • Fusor reactor
  • Barn door tracker
  • CubeSat
  • Portable floodlights
  • Tool assisted speedrun hardware (SNES)
  • Wet plate photography
  • Wooden locks
  • Magnetic memory demo board
  • SNES cartridges
  • Lamina flow nozzle
  • Greedy glass
  • Fractal generator
  • Bismuth crystal formation
  • Quadcopter
  • Cold drip tower
  • Software defined radio


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