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Dead Kindle – Part 2

Last week after the death of my kindle (Part 1) I ended up ringing amazon’s customer service (more accurately entered my phone number on a form online and got an phone call from them instantly) to see what they could do about my dead kindle. After describing my kindle and what I had done to troubleshoot it I was told there was nothing that they could do since it was out of warranty however I was offered a new kindle at a discounted price (about 15% off). After contemplating this for a day or (and playing around with dick simith’s display models) so I got amazon to call me and put an order though for a new kindle touch 3g. So while I wait it to arrive what better thing to do then take apart my broken kindle.

upon observation I have a idea why my kindle isn’t working…

through a small hole I see what looks like a small crack in the eink display, disassembling further…

and that small crack is actually a large crack. Somehow between the travel to and from university my kindle has been bumped too hard and the eink display has broken.

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Dead Kindle – Part 1

So a few days ago I bought a book on amazon, pickup my kindle and press the power button to download the book and an greeted with this.

Yep my Kindle has succumb to the end of it’s life after 1 year 9 months of use, conveniently that 9 months out of the warranty period. I still regard the purchase of my kindle one of the best purchases I have ever made however I was hoping to get a lot more use out of it. Now off to contact Amazon and see if there is anything they can do with it been out of warranty.