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Trip to Yelarbon

Last weekend one I had the pleasure of visiting Yelarbon, Queensland once again to celebrate a friends 21st birthday (Hi Scott if your reading). The weekend was spent shooting clay pigeons, playing games, damper, spending time with friends, bonfires and doing some photography/timelapses. Over the next few days as I process all 32 Gb of files I’ll post up some photos and videos here on 19 hertz. Below is an image stack of frames from the second timelapse I took.





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After coming across this post on Petapixel on start trails I though I’d give it a go on the timelapse I made last week. Here is the result.


Here is the same technique applied to a timelapse in the same location as the picture above. I hindsight this picture is really out of focus.


I also tried it on a daytime timelapse of Hinze Dam a few months ago with interesting results.