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The CG Bros

When it comes to VFX and CGI videos on Youtube the two big names (channels) are frediew and corridor digital. These two channels have been doing great work for some time now and if you haven’t heard of them be sure to check them out.
Yesterday however I came across another youtube channel that in my opinion uploads CGI and VFX work that is as good if not better than frediew and corridor digital. Here is the first video of theirs I saw.

TheCGBros is a channel that provided many “resources and examples in CGI, 3D software tutorials, 3D Animation, Behind the Scenes/Making Of VFX, Motion Graphic Design, Show Reels, Gaming, & More…” however of all of these my favourite has to be their CGShorts, have a look…

also full CGI films.

They also do a lot of shorts that are very reminiscent of Pixar’s short films

All in all I’m quite surprised and happy that such a channel exists that not only posts great ¬†shorts but also tutorials on a regular basis.