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Meta: Off to Electronex and SMCBA Conference

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Well I’m off interstate once more, this time to Melbourne for the SMCBA (surface mount and circuit board association) Conference and Australia’s largest electronics expo, Electronex. I’m fortunate to be getting sent by work for the two days it runs over (this coming Wednesday and Thursday) and am looking forward to the conference topic which is the “Control of Noise, Signal Integrity & EMI in High Speed Circuits and PCBs” given by Rick Hartley. The majority of each day will be spent at the conference learning however there are scheduled some breaks in which I can go explore the electronics expo running alongside the conference and meet up face to face with some contract manufacturers and electronic suppliers we use at work. As a side goal I’m going to see which company has the coolest expo giveaway, my work colleague who went last year when it was in Sydney brought back a pcb torch so that is probably the benchmark to beat hopefully this year there will be somthign better!

It looks like I’m going to have a pretty packed schedule over the two days but I also look forward to spending any time I have off visiting some of my favorite melbourne haunts.


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